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This is a fan-made site to help our fellow players find useful information about all the different monsters, weapons, equipment & magi found in Dragon Project! Check out our helpful guides or our videos for how to fight against certain Behemoths. Or, check out our in depth archives of monsters & equipment and cast your reviews for all your fellow hunters to see!

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Hello Hunters of Altair! We are hunters t00th and Tryndamere; avid players of Dragon Project! We created this website to help new & veteran players of the game! Both of us started the game shortly after the global launch, and we have not stopped playing since. This is a great game with a lot of fun weapons & Behemoths to fight against. Both of us have created Dragon Project Dot Net to help players find all the information they might need to help decide how they want to play the game. We wanted to offer players an easy to access archive of all the available Monsters, Weapons, Equipment & Magi in the game currently. We also wanted players to give their reviews and ratings of their favourite Weapons, Equipment & Magi using our reviews functionality within the site. When we first started the game, we were never sure of what were the best weapons or equipment to aim for, or what to make when you get that all important first SS Tablet! By having users of this site give their thoughts and their ratings of Weapons, Equipment & Magi, we want players of Dragon Project to be able to see what their fellow hunters collectively rate as the best setup to have! Feel free to register and leave your views on your experience of using your favourite or most hated weapon for everyone to see!

Our Latest Updates

Types of Magi

There are 4 Magi types in Dragon Project that you can equip to help increase your ability to defeat Behemoths: SupportMagi ...

Hell Rhinorus Hints & Tips

Attribute: Fire Weakness: Water Special Attack Weakness: Great Sword Attack Moves: Engulf its horn in flames and then spin around Stomp on theground...

Volgon Chimera Hints & Tips

Attribute: Earth Weakness: Fire Special Attack Weakness: Bow Attack Moves: 'Volgon Chimera' will use its lion body to pounce on its targets Poisonwill...

Latest Game Updates

Dragon Project Battle Royale Round 7! 28/09/2018

Buckle up, Hunters! Get your gears, gather your friends and get ready for Battle Royale 7! Prepare to raid and challengebehemoth...

Dragon Project Inimical Skaran & Hellish Zaark Series! 28/09/2018

Bring these two fiends to ruin, Hunters! Slay Inimical Skaran and obtain the Darkness Soul Great Sword, which greatly boosts yourDark...

Dragon Project Comeback Series - Seraph and Envoy Series! 25/09/2018

The dreadful forces of light and darkness have come back to wreak havoc upon Heiland once more! Alabaster Ciel and VoidNecroth...

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